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Hardik pandya

CLOSE-IN: Indian cricket just needs one captain (IANS column)
Image Source: AFP

CLOSE-IN: Indian Cricket Just Needs One Captain

By IANS News February 05, 2023 • 11:30 AM View: 180

The Indian cricket team is a side in full throttle, taking on the cricket wave of a continuous nonstop schedule with untiring responsibility. The only disadvantage that seems to rock them is when they are needed most, their engine seems to stutter. Excessive cricket, leading to tiredness and fatigue becomes the perennial excuse and with time, the dismal performance is put to rest and forgotten.

Indian cricket is beaming with talented cricketers who seem to follow a very popular saying, " Some clouds bring rain and some just pass by". The number of cricketers in the recent past who have adorned the India cap, even for a well versed cricket follower, would be difficult to remember or recollect. There have been so many of them, which either should have led to a blossoming of Indian cricket with trophies or made them into a unit that seems impregnable. However, this has not yet happened, although one has seen the potential of its possibility through the regular wins that the Indian cricket team has accomplished in Bi-lateral series.

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