Ganguly's shirtless celebration a moment of pure emotion: Kohli
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Ganguly's shirtless celebration a moment of pure emotion: Kohli

by Sahir Usman Apr 07, 2018 • 20:14 PM

Kolkata, April 7 - India cricket team skipper Virat Kohli feels his predecessor thrice removed Saurav Ganguly's famous shirtless tirade at the balcony of the hallowed Lord's dressing room to celebrate his team's emphatic victory against the home side in the 2002 NatWest Trophy final was a moment of pure human emotion coming through.

"When I saw that moment happen... I think it is very difficult for people to understand but those things are so organic, so pure that you just go with with without worrying about judgement or what are people are going to say about you," said Kohli, who was present at a city hotel for a book launch event here.

"It was in the Lord's balcony but it could have been anywhere in the world. That was just the pure happiness coming through after you have achieved something against the odds," he noted.

"This is the way I want to express myself and I never felt there is anything wrong with that because that was pure human emotion coming through." 

Kohli, who is often hailed for a similarly aggressive approach towards the game as Ganguly, said a player cannot always act thinking about the people's judgement or reactions but needs to be himself and enjoy when such iconic moments arrive.

"You cannot be a robot operating for the sake of what people are going to write or say about you. You have to honest towards the game and you have to be yourself," he said.

Kohli, who was a teenager during India's famous feat in the NatWest Final 16 years ago, reminisced he went off to sleep after India lost half their side quickly following a decent start by the openers.

"The game started off brilliantly and Dada (Saurav) and Viru (Virender Sehwag) came out all guns blazing. I thought this is our game because those totals back in the days were very difficult o get specially against England in England in a Final. I slept off when we were 150 for 5 because I could not take the sadness," he said adding he felt it was a dream when India pulled off a stunning victory.

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