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Dhoni ensured no player was late for training: Upton

by Sahir Usman May 16, 2019 • 05:06 AM

"In the Test team, Anil Kumble said that the consequence would be a ten thousand rupees fine which the person who was late would have to pay. And then we had the same conversation with the one day team and there also MS (Dhoni) said that ‘yes there should be a consequence. So if somebody is late, everybody will pay 10,000 rupees fine!' Nobody was ever late from the one day team again," Upton said.

Upton also praised Dhoni for his calmness and said: "His real strength is his calmness and composure, regardless of the situation of the game. Being such a strong leader, using his level-headedness in tough situations, he gives the other players permission to remain calm and composed."

"That I think is the real strength that he has," he added.


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