Cricket Betting 2021 - Bet on Cricket Online Like A Pro

Cricket betting sites provide the best odds for international competitions and matches, and the major cricketing battles across all versions of the game and between the greats from all over the world.

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An Introduction to Cricket Betting

Cricket matches are amongst the highest stakes international and domestic competitions existing today. If you really know your cricket, then you should be online betting at one of the top betting sites in india and making real money on your match predictions. Not only will you find cricket betting available for the Indian Premier League, you can also access betting markets for the big international meets and the domestic cricket leagues of many countries.

Get the best online cricket betting odds for the ICC Cricket World Cup, the Big Bash and the international cricket events like The Ashes Series, World Test Championship, the Asian Games and the World Twenty20 match ups.

The vast scope of cricket betting in India

India is home to the most international cricket venues of any other country in the world with 52 venues while England has only 23. We love cricket. We love playing it. We love winning it. And we love betting on it.

Online cricket betting in India has just got more exciting with INDIBET’s online betting games offering players the opportunity to bet on their favourite domestic league teams like - Mumbai, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Services, Kerala and Manipur. Follow the Ranji Trophy through the entire season accessing generous cricket betting odds online starting from right now. Stayed glued to every second of the action throughout the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Don’t miss a single India-Pakistan match and take advantage of all the betting options online to ensure you make the biggest wins betting on ICC World Cricket League and India’s stunning record wins of the ICC Champions Trophy.

Follow your favourite team through the entire season, celebrating highs and lows, and big cash wins when you choose cricket betting at INDIBET. What’s the point of getting a seat at Eden Gardens if you don’t have any skin in the game that you’re watching? Follow the cricket betting tips online to ensure that every time you watch a game at Raipur International Cricket Stadium, your heart is pounding with every bowl.

Follow your sport around the world to the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Lord’s Cricket Ground to watch India demolish the international competitions and come home the heroes of the game.

How to Bet on Cricket Online?

To bet on cricket online, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create an account to login on the site.
  2. Once logged in, go to Cricketbook.
  3. Choose between Fancy and Fixed.
  4. Both of them have 4 sections, namely – Main, Match, Session, and Player.
  5. Go through the list of the bets available – choose between options like runs in sessions, fall at wickets, batsman runs, score at end of over, etc.
  6. On the right side, you can check the scores under three sections – Live, Tracker & Scoreboard.
  7. Once you have decided the bets to place, click on the odds to place the bets.
  8. INDIBET accepts multiple deposit options which include Bitcoins and credit cards.

All you have to do is create your online account, deposit playing funds into your new account and find the match and cricket odds you want to bet on. Win lakhs and crore getting the best IPL odds for all of the biggest cricket matches throughout India.

Cricket Betting Odds, Tips and Predictions

What should you be betting on? But before that here are three things you should know

Cricket Betting Odds

In the limited-overs format, cricket betting is pretty straightforward with head-to-head markets. The betting markets get a bit complicated with test matches. Nevertheless, all these markets include betting odds determining the probability of a particular outcome based on the places bets.

Let’s say there is a match between CSK and RCB, and the general sentiment favours CSK. In such an instance, if you place a bet on RCB, you will make more money than if you were to place a bet on CSK.

Moreover, the match between CSK vs RCB offers 50-55 odds. Under these odds, if a punter places a bet of INR 100 on RCB, they will get INR 155 in winnings. On the other hand, they will only get INR 150 for placing a bet on CSK.

Cricket Betting Predictions

If you know your cricket and you’re more interested in making real money betting online than you are about following your team in a show of sentimental support, then you have an option here to take your betting very seriously.

  • Closely follow the IPL news for insights into team performance as well the performance statistics of individual players.
  • You could make big money accurately betting on the top run scorer of any chosen match, from domestic league competitions to big international tests in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
  • After the best batsman of the day, the next best cricket betting option is the top wicket taker. You can choose the top wicket taker for the innings, the match, your favourite team or an entire tournament.
  • Finally, choose the mode of dismissal for the day. Options on this best include first out, next wicket and a rare act like a hit wicket.

Cricket Betting Tips

You cannot choose the right odds without following some cricket betting tips. If you’ve never bet on cricket before then you may find the following betting tips helpful while you find your feet and start to get a feel for the game and your betting options.

  • Usually, in any team or individual sporting event, the home ground advantage is real. When a team or player is playing at the home ground, surrounded by their home crowd, it generally lifts the performance as a whole. Prepare for surprising wins, big hitting and high run scoring when a team is playing at home.
  • Of course, the home ground advantage can also disappear under the pressure to win at home. Some teams, particularly early or late in the season may find the pressure of a home ground performance a bit much to bear, so prepare for surprising losses at home too.
  • Look up the team’s previous performance in earlier seasons to offer insights into how they typically perform when they’re playing at home.
  • Weather will also be a big determining factor for cricket betting. The threat of rain over a Test Match can be very dicey territory because there are no extra days scheduled for a Test.
  • In the IPL, teams that have used their salary cap to spread talent evenly over the team stand a better chance of a tournament win than teams who have tried to purchase expensive big hitters or fast bowlers who are meant to carry the whole team on their own.
  • Look up the past performance of the teams up against one another to check how performance has tracked recently.

How to Win a Cricket Bet Online?

Know your cricket and now you’re interested in cricket betting online. You’ve made a great choice. Not only do you get multiple betting options and great match odds when you play online betting games, you’ve also chosen the best online website in India to start your cricket betting account.

Cricket Betting Rules

Cricket betting rules clearly state -

  • The amount a bettor stands to win
  • A draw can affect the outcome and bids
  • Official outcomes will dictate winners, losers, run rates, runs scored, etc.

Read the cricket betting rules in detail before you bet.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Every bettor should know the amount they want to bet. Whether you are new to cricket betting, or have years of experience, you should create a strategy based on

  • Your budget
  • Spreading the amount you can bet against multiple bets – it reduces losses. However, a higher bet on a single outcome also means a bigger win.
  • Understand the predictions and analyses to identify the winning bets

App for Cricket Betting

INDIBET offers an easy-to-use betting app for its players. Download the best cricket betting app and start betting on your favourite sports.

IPL Live Betting Tips and Predictions

IPL betting is amongst the biggest and the best cricket betting available in India and if you haven’t tried it, now is your chance. We will bring you betting odds and predictions for every live match during the tournament. Read our analyses to identify who will give a powerful performance and then create your IPL content betting strategy.

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Most Popular Cricket Bets

To make it easier for our bettors, players and punters, we have created a list of cricketing world’s most popular cricket bets.

  • Match Betting - Betting on any one of the three possible outcomes of a match is called match betting. The three possible outcomes are: home team wins, away team wins, and it is a draw.

  • Completed Match Bet - Placing a wager on whether an ODI is completed on its scheduled day is completed match betting. It is a simple bet – yes, the match will finish on this day and no, the match will not finish on this day.

  • Tied Bet - When a bet is placed on a draw or a tie, it is known as Tied Betting: Again, this is very simple. You bet: yes, the match will tie and no, the match will not tie.

  • Inning Bet - Betting on the number of runs a team can potentially make in one inning is known as the innings bets. The cricket sportsbook will publish the score and you bet choices include: the team will score more, or the team will score less.

  • Under or Over Score Bet - Betting on the number of runs a team can potentially make at the end of one match or a series of matches is known as the under or over score bet. The cricket sportsbook will publish the score and you bet choices include: the team will score more, or the team will score less.

  • Even/Odd Number Score - You also have the option of betting if a team will make an even number score or an odd number score. Zero is an even number in this bet.

  • Top Bowler Bet - Wagering on who will walk away with maximum wickets is the top bowler bet. You can choose any player from the playing 22, though it is wise to look at the sportsbook and players’ form.

  • Top Batsmen Bet - Betting on who will score the maximum runs is the top batsmen bet. You can choose any player from the playing 22, though it is wise to look at the sportsbook and players’ form.

  • Team of Best Batsmen Bet - Choosing one team with the best batsmen instead of a single batsman is easier.

  • Team of Best Bowlers Bet - Choosing one team with the best bowlers instead of a single bowler is easier.

  • Bowler Match Bet - Odds are placed on two bowlers and bettors get to choose which one will outshine between the two. It is known as the bowler match bet.

  • Batsman Match Bet - Odds are placed on two batsmen and bettors get to choose which one will outshine between the two. It is known as the batsman match bet.

  • Series Winner Bet - When you place bets on which team will win the series.

  • Tournament Winner Bet - When you place bets on which team will win the tournament.

  • Win Toss - Win toss is betting on the flip of a coin. Bet is placed on which team will win the bet. Toss combination is more interesting as it lets you place bets on which team will win the bet as well as whether the toss winner will bat or bowl first.

  • The Method of Dismissal - It is for live wagers. You place a bet on one of the following outcomes: caught, bowled, stumped, LBW, runout, or timeout (when a batsmen takes more than three minutes to reach the field)

  • Most Run Outs Bets - Do you think one team’s players lack coordination and have a higher chance of a runout? Then you should wager on the most run outs bets.

  • Man of the Match - One of the most exciting and popular bets is the man of the match or player of the series bet. As the name suggests, you pick the potential winner of these awards.

Cricket Betting and IPL Bet FAQs

  • How can I bet on IPL 2021?

    You can bet on IPL 2021 by partnering with trustworthy sportsbooks and online betting platforms like IndiBet. The process is straightforward, requiring you to make an account and find the betting markets you plan to explore.

  • How can I win in the IPL bets?

    Success in IPL betting depends on your knowledge of the game. Please go through our news section to improve your knowledge of the league.

  • Can I trust all IPL cricket betting sites?

    For IPL betting, you should only partner with trustworthy betting sites offering reasonable odds. Some shady platforms try to lure new punters by directing offers that are too good to be true. As a result, it is advisable to check reviews and various licenses before selecting a betting partner.

  • How to Bet on Cricket Online?

    Go to the Cricketbook section on our website or download the IndiBet app on your mobile device.

  • What Should I Look for in a Betting Site Before Signing Up?

    Check for relevant licenses, odds, news, betting markets, etc. It is also best to check if the platform provides options to bet on virtual cricket games.

  • Is there any difference between odds, rates and price?

    These terms are interchangeable, but the general sense of it remains the same.

  • What are Odds in Cricket Betting and How Do They Work?

    Odds depend on the chances of one team winning against the other one. For different betting markets and types, odds can change. The odds depend on what the general sentiment is. For example, the odds for a match between IND vs ENG are 4-6. If you place a bet of 100 rs on Eng, you will get 600rs when England wins. But, you will only get 400rs if you bet on India and secure a win. In this example, the general sentiment favours India.

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