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World cricket's concern is future of Tests

by Athar Ansari Dec 16, 2017 • 22:56 PM

(CRICKETNMORE) - Best value for all stakeholders. Its a great marketing line for selling cricket. In India the game is in a sellers market and the buyers take anything without a complaint as long as it provides some enjoyment.

See how it works. India will play 81 matches at home across all formats in the 2019-2023 Cycle of the Future Tour Programme (FTP) - up by 30 from the previous Programme, but the number of actual playing days for the players has reduced as the Indian cricket board decided to cut down on playing Tests against lower-ranked countries.

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The number of match days has been cut from 390 in the current FTP (2015-19) to 306. And the two ICC events, World Cup and Champions Trophy, India will host during the cycle are taken, they will still add up 350.

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