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WATCH: Kusal Mendis Accidently Hits Bangladesh Keeper On Head With Bat

A massive accident was averted after Kusal Mendis hit Liton Das' head with the bat.

Sahil Mathur
By Sahil Mathur May 15, 2022 • 21:13 PM

Cricket is a sport played by a hard leather ball being thrown toward the batters, who have a wooden bat in their hands to face those fast deliveries. It is one of the reasons why cricket cannot be played without safety gear on; it can be dangerous and even fatal at times. 

Players are often seen getting hit with the ball, be it fielders or the batters but in rare incidents, even a bat can injure someone on the field. On day 1 of Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh 1st test, something rare happened when Kusal Mendis hit Bangladesh wicketkeeper, Liton Das, with his bat. 


The incident happened in the 24th over of the day. Bangladesh's off-spinner Nayeem Hasan was bowling to Sri Lanka's batter Kusal Mendis. Nayeem dropped the ball short down the leg and Mendis accepted the gift and decided to pull the ball. 

As most keepers do, Liton Das moved towards the leg side in direction of the ball. Mendis swung his bat hard but couldn't find a good connection when the ball hit the bat and was fielded by the fielder. But, while swinging his bat, Mendis hit Liton Das' head. 

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Liton Das immediately removed his helmet and looked in pain as the rest of the fielders and the Sri Lankan batters came to check on him. Luckily for Liton, Mendis neither had a good connection with the ball nor with his head.