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Sunil Gavaskar buys stake in Binca Games

By Vishal Bhagat Dec 11, 2019 • 14:57 PM

New Delhi, Dec 11 Former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar has bought a stake in Binca Games, a Board Games company.

Binca Games was founded in 2014 by husband and wife duo, Rubianca and Sahil
Wadhwa, and boasts of a diverse mix of games which are available across India and in some parts of the UK.

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To celebrate this association with the 'Little Master', Binca Games also announced the launch of its newest game, Qwicket, a quick cricket card game suitable for children and adults alike.

This is Binca Games' fifth game in the market and adds to an interesting list of other games including Fletter, Fletter Fuse, WhiteWashers and Spill.

On the occasion of the launch of Qwicket, Gavaskar said, "While my first love is of course cricket, spending quality time with my loved ones is most precious. I'm excited to be a part of Binca Games now and hope that we can bring back the love for board games in this addictive digital world."

"When this game came along, I thought it's terrific because takes me back to my younger days, my school days and it's connected to cricket. So, that's how I got interested.

"I know them (the founders) for a long time. So, it's an emotional investment as well and not just a business one," he added.

Rubianca Wadhwa, co-founder and creative head, Binca Games, said: "We have an interesting repertoire of games at Binca that includes word games, bluffing games and drinking games. We're most excited to be launching our first cricket game with the legend on board because cricket is more than just a game in India, it's a religion."

Qwicket, a quick game of cricket can be played under 10 minutes with just two players. Being a card game, it is perfect to carry along and can be played anywhere and everywhere. Like the real game, it requires strategy, a good reading of your opponent, quick decision-making and a touch of luck.