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People of Kolkata have a very fond place in my heart: Pat Cummins

Saurabh Sharma
By Saurabh Sharma
May 10, 2020 • 11:43 AM View: 555

Kolkata, May 10: With no cricket happening, Australia fast bowler Pat Cummins has been living in a farm and enjoy life in the country side as he manages to go for runs and also do basic weight training.

Speaking to www.kkr.in, the fast bowler said that he has been also engaging in gardening as the sporting world has come to a standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak.


"Yeah, we are living in a farm just about an hour-hour and a half south of Sydney. We have a little plot of land we bought here a couple of years ago. In hindsight, quite lucky we did that, we have been here for about a month now.

"Over here, I can still go for runs, and I have a basic weights setup. We have some cows here, who I have been feeding. I have also been doing some gardening jobs. So yeah, enjoying the fresh air quite a bit. There is absolutely no cricketer here on the farm. Hopefully it stays that way, it is my getaway spot from cricket. We are on the road so much usually, I come here to take those breaks," he said.

Asked about getting to catch up with the family, Cummins said: "Yeah, we were all living separately, in different places. But it's nice now, we have all come together. It's nice to have more time to dedicate to the family. We are 5 of us, I have four siblings (two brothers, two sisters). Generally, even to work out a dinner plan, it takes us months to plan. Now we know every night we are together at home. Saturday nights are like trivia nights now, so yeah, it's been fun."

Cummins also got engaged recently and speaking on that he said: "Yes, that's right. Just after I got engaged though, we (Australian cricket team) were on a tour to South Africa for about three weeks. My fiance Becky's mom was here, and they got a lot of the planning done without me, which is great. It means I'm getting roped into a few things now, but most of the big decisions are already made. The wedding is next year sometime. I am not gonna tell you the exact date yet (laughs)."

Cummins started off with KKR and back with the franchise, the pacer says he had a great time. "I am very, very excited. My first taste of the IPL, and my biggest taste of India was when I was in Kolkata representing the Knight Riders. I was a few years younger than I am now. I absolutely loved it. Within our team, we had so much experience.

"Jacques Kallis, one of the world's biggest players, and suddenly, I'm there having dinner with him every night and getting to play alongside him. Andre (Russell) was just on his way to becoming the ballistic cricketer that he is. My first season there, we won the title. So KKR and the people of Kolkata have a very fond place in my heart. Even the office staff and management -- they have always been so nice to us players. I am pumped to go back and represent the team," he pointed.

But Cummins is happy that he didn't have to spend his birthday - May 8 - playing the IPL. "I am very happy that this birthday, I wasn't in India. You know why? Because I didn't get any cake on my face. Every time I have spent my birthday there, I have got smashed with cakes! There is always a cake waiting at the hotel in Kolkata. One year, Andre Russell put cake on my face, on my head and even in my ears!" he shared.

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