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Nothing compares to IPL in India - Kevin Pietersen

by Sahir Usman Mar 12, 2020 • 19:38 PM

One of the IPL's most celebrated overseas players, Kevin Pietersen in an interview with Betway shares his experience of playing in IPL and about Indian Cricketers. 

As a cricketer, Kevin said, "You can learn from the greats of the game, how they approach games, how they were in team meetings".
About Virender Sehwag
Speaking about former Indian Cricketer Virender Sehwag, he said that some of the most fun moments in the field are the one when he played with Sehwag. "He is a superstar. Batting with him is an eye-opener. He is a careless free spirit," Pietersen said.

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About Virat Kohli
Batting with Virat, I knew one thing that he was destined for greatness because of the way he approaches the game. His determination to become the best player was evident. We have an incredible friendship maybe because of the way I helped and guided him during his young days.

About Cricket Craze in India
Cricket is a religion in India and as a cricketer its very difficult to walk on the street as people worship cricketers. Nothing compares to IPL in India. There is nothing more spectacular, nothing more griping, nothing more captivating and there is no great entertainment in the game than to watch IPL in the stadium. There is nothing like IPL in the sport.

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