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Aus vs Ind: SCG Curator Reveals How The Pitch Will Behave During The Match

By IANS News
January 06, 2021 • 11:23 AM View: 1426

The pitch for the third Test between India and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground will be lively like the one dished out last year against New Zealand, SCG curator Adam Lewis has said.

"It is going to be similar...I think we will have a bit of pace in it. We always start off with a little bit of pace in it. It naturally then turns into the traditional SCG wicket. My worry was the weather this week. We just try to get the best wicket we can for Day One. After that it is taken out from my hand," Lewis told the media in a virtual interaction on Wednesday morning.


Off-spinner Nathan Lyon took 10 wickets in the Test against New Zealand last summer though the Aussie seamers also got plenty of help, taking eight wickets.

"Every year is different with the weather. We try to give them the hard surface with a good amount of grass. Once the first ball is bowled that is taken out of my hand. Then the weather takes over," said Lewis.

"Three years ago we had England, the day temperature was late 30s to 40. We had hot, gusty winds that are totally different from this year where we have high humidity, rain and cloud cover. We saw a bit of direct sunlight only three days ago. We are doing the best we can with the elements dished out to us.

"It has been a tough couple of weeks. But we are looking good, wickets have come good now. The forecast is improving. We should get a full Test, it is only minimal rain over the Test with cloud cover. We are happy with the grass cover, waiting for good weather," he added.

The curator confirmed that the Test match won't get affected as the clouds are expected to pass.

"As long as clouds pass we are going to be able to put up a Test match," said Lewis.

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