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IPL 2021: Hasaranga And Chameera Skillsets Will Definitely Be A Huge Help To Us Says RCB Skipper Kohli

By IANS News
September 18, 2021 • 21:12 PM View: 1080

"Having played this game for so long at this level, you understand that whether you are seven wins in a row, you still have to start with the same kind of passion and commitment and professionalism. You have to find motivation and that passion inside you to go out there and change the results. So, you just can't afford to take anything for granted."

"Not wins, not losses, you should not be disheartened by losses and definitely not take wins for granted. For us the reason why we played the way we did was we were not looking beyond the day that we were a part of whether it was practice, whether it was that day, that game, we never looked at, 'oh, how many wins are left? How many do we need to qualify?' We just did not focus on that at all," explained Kohli.


"The focus was only on the culture of the team enjoyment  keeping up that atmosphere and energy in the group. Enjoyment, as I said, among the players was something which was amazing in the first leg. Yesterday at practice, I just felt like we never went away at all. I felt the same happiness, same joy; people returning excited to play for RCB again. That's all what you want in the sport. There are many analyses and many data points in the game.

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"The game has never been about information from the outside. It is all about reaction, belief in a moment, game plan that you set out to achieve as players and making sure that you have the will and the commitment and the tribes to execute those plans. So, it is as simple as that and the simpler you keep it, the less distraction you will face from the outside," concluded Kohli.

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